Before I ever used or had my own bidet, having one in my home seemed like something far from my mind. I didn't really understand them or see that they were that useful, until I used one myself for the first time. After that I was hooked and the same thing that happened to me is the same thing that I hear my first time customers say all the time and that is, “I cant believe I have lived this long without having a bidet toilet seat in my home”. The reason that people have a such a strong reaction, is because for some, it will be a life changing event and others will realize how much better, cleaner and personal comfort they will feel. For more reasons why they are so great, read this article that I wrote 33 Reasons for a Bidet.

One thing that I can tell you for sure with my 8 plus years of experience of selling Bidet Toilet Seats, is that no one has ever called me back and said that they did not like using a Bidet, it’s always been how much they love them and wished they could turn back the clock and get one from the beginning. From time to time when I have a customer that has an old failing unit, they are freaked out about what they are going to do while their unit is in for repair and not looking forward to using toilet paper. I would say that if you have a second bathroom, get a second bidet so that you have a backup if one breaks, you will be so happy you did.

About 3 years ago I had a gentleman call me and said that his wife was making him buy a bidet and he really did not want anything to do with one. So I challenged him to at least give it a try for at least a week after he installed it and he gave me the “yeah right” response and didn’t think he would try it. But lo and behold, he call me about a month later and was so excited and said he was so glad that he tried it. He thanked me for getting him interested and said he would not be without one and yes he loved it.

I started this business because I wanted to get out of construction business, but I wanted to make sure that I sold something that I truly believed in and that is when the light went off in my head. At that point I had already had a Bidet Toilet Seat in my home for about two years and loved it and decided that this was the perfect business for me to start and the rest is history.

So with all that said, I do truly love my bidets and I have three of them in my home and cannot imagine being without one, because it would freak me out as well. I hope this has giving you some insight as to why people love using Bidet Toilet Seats so much and if you would like to read My Bidet Story I think you will find it informative.

All the best to you and you can always call or email us with any questions about bidets you have and we will be delighted to share our enthusiasm and extensive knowledge about bidet toilet seats.

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