As I’ve sold bidet toilet seats I’ve found that they are a great alternative to a traditional bidet. They work very well for those who have confined spaces that cannot simply make room for a whole bidet in it’s own space,. They are great for those living in apartments, condos, or homeowners who need to utilize their current toilet and plumbing. Bidet seats also cost far less then a traditional bidet while giving the same benefits.

These seats make a ‘Green’ choice. It is great for those who want to do what is best for our environment and planet by eliminating the use of paper products, as well as it will save you on the green stuff in your wallet by eliminating toilet paper costs.

While the bidet originated in Europe it is quickly becoming recognized as a very helpful tool to the elderly, pregnant women, the disabled and those with medical issues including hemorrhoids, continuous constipation and blood circulation problems as well as those who get regular infections of the vaginal area or anal areas. Helping to maintain a clean environment free of bacteria and diseases as well as odors.

Bidet toilet seats are a great advancement in technology, and for those wishing for a cleaner posterior make a wonderful choice in place of the traditional rough toilet paper we have all come to know and use.

There are hundreds of styles to chose from…ranging in price, color, style and technology…the choices are mind blowingly endless.

It is said, once you use a bidet seat or traditional bidet, you will never want to use a traditional toilet ever again because the clean you feel after using one cannot be duplicated with toilet paper or wet wipes.

I personally love my own bidet seat and I think they are great for just about anyone who wants a more refreshing and cleaner bathroom experience. If you are interested in bidets you can check out our full selection of bidet seats at our online shop.