If you are installing a traditional bidet in a home that has plumbing for a regular toilet, it can mean tearing up all your plumbing and starting over. But if you’re installing a toilet bidet seat the process is much, much easier.

How a toilet bidet seat compares to a traditional bidet.

A toilet bidet seat has several advantages over a traditional bidet. Especially if you are installing it in an existing bathroom. The bidet seat offers the same performance and experience as a traditional unit and some of the higher end models even have blow dryers and vortex water streams.

The main difference is that the seat version works with your current toilet and can be installed by most people in under a half an hour.

Where the water comes from.

The water for this type of bidet comes from your existing plumbing. You simply take the hose that supplies your toilet off, attach the adapter that comes with your toilet bidet seat unit and attach the new hose to both the unit and the existing plumbing. The bidet seat will take it from there. With some units you will also need to attach a water filter in order to protect the parts of your bidet seat (I recommend units that come with a water filter).

If you’ve considered purchasing a bidet for your house, a bidet toilet seat is a good option. It gives you all the functionality of a bidet without the high cost of ripping out plumbing and starting from scratch.

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