I have found while researching and selling bidet seats that there are many choices out there and it can be hard to determine just what style of bidets or bidet seats are right for you.

Of course there are the options that they come with, price, style and colors are also a determining factor when you purchase. You should always choose one that has options with which you feel comfortable using or that will work with your current bathroom layout.

There are many bidet options. Some are very basic, while others have all the bells and whistles. Here are some of the different type of bidets that are available and some of the features of each.

Travel Bidets

This is a kind of unusual category. It is a mini bidet that you can actually pack in your purse or bag when you travel.  Many people find that travel bidets are a great alternative to using toilet paper when they are out and about, but they don’t replace a more traditional bidet seat.

Basic Bidet Seats (non-electric)

These bidet seats don’t use electricity, so the water in them is usually cold. They are less expensive than other types of bidet seats, and will get you clean, but don’t have the kind of luxury 

that other bidets have. I personally think it’s worth it to get an electric model, because they come with much nicer features and are a lot more fun to use.

Electric Bidet Seats

Electric bidet seats are my favorite, and the bio-bidet line are some of the nicest of the electric bidets. These bidet seats have tons of features such as: seat sensors, warm air dry, hydraulic heated seats and covers, massage, and oscillating water. One of the nice things about these units is that they give you all the features of a full toilet bidet at a much lower cost.

There really are a lot of different types of bidets to choose from, and all of them are far better than toilet paper.