I’ve heard of people using a bidet as a foot bath, to store beer for their parties (this one was kind of crazy) or to let their pets drink from them. But I don’t recommend these uses.

They are a cleaner, healthier way to maintain a balanced anal and vaginal ph environment.

Many disabled, elderly, and pregnant women are finding them more convenient to use than trying to twist around to wipe the traditional way with toilet paper.

With toilet paper its easy to not get clean enough and if that happens you are setting yourself up for body odors and infection. A bidet eliminates this problem entirely. Bidets help to fight vaginal and anal infections and diseases due to insufficient wiping.

With hemorrhoid flare ups the water can be adjusted to a soothing stream that is cool and can have a calming effect on inflammation and irritation associated with hemorrhoids and other rectal disorders and diseases. Bidets can also help to loosen bowel movements when constipated, much like using an enema would. They also promote healthy blood circulation.

They can help a menstruating woman feel cleaner and help her to avoid any infection that might come from use of tampons and pads, or irritating the area by wiping with toilet paper…

They are also very good for the environment…helping to save on paper usage making them a green choice.

Bidets have many health benefits, but my favorite benefit is the super clean feeling you get when using a high quality bidet. There is nothing else like it. Many of my customers have tried a bidet in their travels and tell me they would never go back to the old toilet paper way of doing things. It’s a common experience.

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