I was in the grocery store recently and I was looking to buy a bottle of ketchup. As I looked at my choices I was stunned at how many their were to choose from. When did they start making “spicy” ketchup anyway? I was confused.

When you have too many choices it can be very confusing. It’s exactly like that when you are comparing toilet seat bidets. There are a lot of different companies and models to choose from and many of them have similar features. So what are the best units? There are two that I like more than any other (and since my customers call my The Bidet Guy I may know a thing or two).

#1 Pick: Bio Bidet BB 1000

This is my best selling toilet seat bidet and for good reason. It has the best nozzles that I’ve ever tried and it has the patented Vortex Cleansing System. The remote control is very intuitive and easy to use and the buttons that come on the unit are also easy to find and use. This unit also comes with an industry leading 3 year warranty.

#2 Pick: Coway BA13

Another popular seat, the Coway BA13 is the winner of the 2009 Reddot Design Award. This is a particularly attractive bidet seat, and if you are looking for something with a sophisticated style then this is for you. This unit also has some advanced features. One of my favorites is the Instant Heating System. This means you don’t need a water tank and you’ll get hot water for as long as you want. Finally this Coway unit has a really unique water filter. Instead of having to change out the filter it has internal components that keep the nozzles clean and corrosion free without you having to do anything with them.

If you’re looking for high quality toilet seat bidets then these two are both very good choices. What it really comes down to is which style and price you like the best. Please check out our full selection of bidet units here.

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