I love bidet seats and could probably list 50 good reasons to buy one, but I’m going to restrain myself and go for just the five top reasons.

Bidets are very popular in Europe and other countries because they are more sanitary and they are not as expensive as using paper products, thereby saving money that would otherwise be wasted and providing a cleaner healthier bathroom environment. They also provide a fantastic clean feeling that really makes using the “facilities” much nicer.

Here are five of the best reasons to own a Bidet Seat:

#1. Most Bidet seats come with a heated seat. No additional plumbing is required, making this is a wonderful feature to have during cold winter months. Generally most temperature settings can be adjusted or, can be turned off when not in use or are not of necessity..

#2. Bidet seats have sensors to detect when someone is sitting on it making this is an important feature that insures that there is no water being sprayed outside the toilet. Water pressure can be adjusted simply by using the bidets’ control panel (or remote, if your model has this option) and the wash nozzles can be adjusted to a position which best suits your body and comfort level.

#3. Bidet seats also have self-cleaning wash nozzles that automatically rinse themselves before and after each use making them very sanitary and helping to reduce the time you would normally spend scrubbing and cleaning.

#4. Most of the higher end bidet seats come equipped with built-in air deodorizers which help to filter out any unsanitary toilet odors. Making it less likely to have urine or fecal odors lingering in the air above your toilet.

#5. Modern bidet seats were designed for the “Do It Yourselfers”, using only hoses to install, making installation a breeze in approximately 30 minutes time.

Bidet seats are a great choice to get a bidet experience in your home without the hassle and expense of installing new plumbing to accommodate a full bidet setup. My customers bidets for how clean they make you feel and to be honest that’s my main reason too.

I carry a full line of bidet seats at great prices.