bidetTraditionally, the Japanese have favored squat toilets, more like a basin set into the floor than a traditional Western toilets. In recent years, however, the Japanese toilet has come to mean a toilet with bidet attached. The low profile Japanese toilet style provides the benefits of modern style with the technology of modern electronic bidet seats. These are some of the benefits that make the toilet with bidet such a popular choice in modern homes.

A Cleaner Experience

You’d never clean your dirty hands with a dry paper towel or cloth, would you? Then why would you clean your dirty bottom with dry toilet paper? A toilet with bidet seat gently cleans your bottom with a warm spray of water, leaving you fresher and cleaner.


If you’ve ever tried to wipe when you have stitches, hemorrhoids or another medical problem down there, you’ll thoroughly appreciate the difference a soothing spray of warm water can make in your comfort. Most bidet toilet seats have a number of settings, including a gentle massage setting that’s especially soothing when you’re dealing with discomfort “down there.”

Greener than Toilet Paper

The average person uses 9 sheets of toilet paper per sitting. That’s a lot of wasted natural resources being flushed down the toilet – not to mention the amount of money you’re sending swirling around the drain at the same time. Add in the bleaching agents and other pollutants used to process and make toilet paper, and it’s easy to see that a toilet with bidet is a much greener choice for your cleanliness than a few hundred rolls of toilet paper a year.

Warm Toilet Seat

One of the least reported benefits of choosing a toilet with bidet attachments is that you never have to sit on a cold toilet seat again. Many modern Japanese toilet styles include an integrated seat warmer so that you never freeze your butt in the middle of the night again. That in itself may be enough reason to switch to a Japanese toilet seat, toilet bidet seat or toilet bidet attachment.

A modern Japanese toilet is a great option for cleanliness. If you’ve never considered one for your bathroom, take a look at the many benefits you’ll enjoy.

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