Right now, there is a huge campaign by Corporate America to get people to use baby wipes or "flushable wipes" instead of toilet paper. But do baby wipes actually get you cleaner? And what is the cost of adding another disposable product, packaged in plastic, to our environment? If disposable wipes aren't the answer, is there any good alternative?

It turns out that the cost of moist wipes may be higher than was first thought. So high, in fact, that New York is looking at banning these flushable wipes because they are causing problems with the septic systems and costing hardworking taxpayers serious money.

Moist wipes may seem like they are a huge step up from traditional toilet paper, but the truth is far different. Not only do wipes often contain chemicals that the user is exposing to the most delicate parts of his body, they also cause major havoc with sewer pipes and equipment.

There are two New York lawmakers that are so concerned about this problem, that they have introduced a bill that makes it illegal to label or advertise moist toilet wipes in a way that makes them seem safe for septic systems and flushable. There would be a fine of up to $5000 for promoting baby wipes in this way.

The bad part of all of this is that when public utilities are compromised, it is the taxpayer that bears the burden. And the cost of removing these wipes is passed on in the form of higher water bills.

But what are the alternatives? Toilet paper is so so and does not get you fully clean. And getting really clean and comfortable after using the toilet shouldn't amount to a difficult routine or ruin the environment.

That's where bidets come in. Many people think that bidets are strange to use or complicated to install. But modern bidets come in many varieties, including many affordable toilet seat models. Bidet Toilet Seats work with your existing plumbing and toilet and are easy to install, use, and benefit from.

In addition, bidets represent a one time purchase, with no added waste to clog up the sewer systems. And instead of chemical cleaning agents like what is found in moist wipes, they use pure and natural water to get you clean.

If you have ever used moist wipes, but are concerned with their effect, considering a bidet toilet seat is a wise choice.

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