If you are new to bidets and bidet toilet seats you probably have a lot of questions, which is wonderful! Here’s a brief guide to get you started, and if you have more questions please contact us here at the Bidet Toilet Seat Store..

Bidets and Bidet Toilet Seats are based on a simple concept. Water cleans you better than paper.

Bidets are common all over the world, and are now becoming more and more popular in the US, and for good reason. They save money on toilet paper, are environmentally friendly, and most importantly give you a clean and refreshed feeling after using the toilet.

Bidet toilet seats are as comfortable as a regular toilet seat, and are easy to install as well. It used to be that if you wanted a bidet experience at home, you would have to do major renovations to your bathroom and put in special plumbing. But a bidet toilet seat offers all the benefits of a bidet without any of the hassle. They attach easily to your existing plumbing, so you can enjoy the benefit of your bidet immediately.

Modern bidets come with a variety of features, from heated seats to oscillating nozzles for a better clean. And there is a bidet for every budget. Please browse our large selection.

Once people try a bidet in their homes, they quickly become believers. Every member of your family will love using your new bidet. And most people say they wish they had bought one sooner.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at 866-928-8491 or drop us an email with the contact us page.


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