If you are installing a bidet in an existing bathroom that has a toilet already installed, then a toilet seat bidet has many advantages over a standalone bidet. And if you are putting in a new bathroom or building a new house an toilet seat bidet will still save you a significant amount of money over a standalone unit.

Here are some of the advantages of a bidet toilet seat over a traditional unit.

#1. Uses existing plumbing.

There is no need to redo the plumbing in your house when you install a toilet seat bidet. It simply attaches to the existing plumbing that is on the toilet with a special coupling unit that comes with the bidet. This saves you money, expense, and time so you can begin enjoying your bidet unit faster.

#2. Easy to install.

A traditional bidet unit requires you to tear out plumbing and install and entirely new toilet system. The seat units are super simple to install and for most units it is nearly as easy as replacing a toilet seat.

#3. Full functionality, lower cost.

One of the things that people worry about when they are buying a bidet seat is that it won’t have the same functionality as a traditional bidet. But nothing could be further from the truth. Modern seats have a variety of functions that rival even the most sophisticated full bidet units. Some of these features include heated seats, vortex water streams, air dryers, carbon filters, and more. A quality bidet seat will get you as clean and be as pleasurable an experience as any traditional bidet. It will also cost far less.

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