The other day I got a call from a customer and she said, “I was traveling in Europe recently and I got so spoiled by the bidets there. I really don’t like toilet paper anymore. Is a bidet seat really a good alternative?”

I get this type of question a lot. In the United States bidets are not all the common, and when people return from traveling abroad, they end up frustrated because toilet paper is such a poor experience compared to the way that you get clean with a bidet.

One of the best alternatives to toilet paper is the Bio Bidet.

These toilet bidet seats offer many advanced features to get you cleaner than toilet paper. And they don’t have the cost of a traditional bidet.

The Vortex Water stream is one of my customer’s favorite features of this type of unit. Bio Bidets also come with an outstanding warranty.

What can you expect when you use a unit from Bio Bidet?

Here is what one of my customer’s say about the Bio Bidet 1000.

“Let me say that I like the Bio-Bidet 1000 better than my Kohler C3 that had cost twice as much. I was initially concerned that Bio Bidet would be lower quality than Kohler. It’s not. In fact, a few features surpassed Kohler, namely that Bio Bidet has 5 settings on most functions compared to only 3 for Kohler. Bio Bidet’s enema function is entirely absent on the Kohler. And finally, the warm air dryer is much more robust on the Bio Bidet. ”

-Mike – Homewodd, Illinois

When you use one of these units you can expect a thorough cleaning experience with a high-quality dryer. This leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

Bio Bidets are great alternatives to toilet paper. Check out out site to view our full line of these units.

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