We just introduced the brand new Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 and the BB-1700. Already we have had a tremendous response about how everyone just loves this new bidet seat and the sales are much higher than I anticipated.

I have had my BB-2000 in my home for about a week now and I’m really impressed with the new lower profile soft contour look, much improved quality and how much better it works compared to other bidets that I sell. I would even guess that it will most likely become my best seller and give it my full approval.

This bidet seat really has a lot of cool stuff going on. The new remote comes in a choice of black or white, very easy to use and hold in one hand and it even has a display so you know in advance what the settings are. The newer low profile and really clean look makes this thing look like a billion dollars, maybe not a billion but more than a million :-). The price is only $699 or $664 after the 5% discount. Now when you walk into your bathroom at night you are greeted with a cool blue light on the side of the unit, very cool.

The completely and newly redesigned stainless steel nozzle system works so much better than everything that I have in my store. The rear cleaning nozzle has a much wider spray for and faster and full cleaning that lasts up to 2 minutes, that you can stop anytime you wish. The rear or front cleaning can also be used as a sitz bath if needed. Ladies the front nozzle also has a wider and softer spray that will reached far enough forward to do what it was intended to do, make you feel clean and refreshed, also 2 minutes run time. When not in use, the nozzle has a flap to hide it out of view and protect it.

The first and only new hi-tech Hydro-flush inside-out nozzle cleaning system before and after each wash cycle, also has a 20 seconds extra nozzle cleaning button, so you should not have to manually clean it yourself anymore and has a very easy to replace nozzle head. The new advance hybrid water heating system has it all, warm water in the beginning, consistent warm water temperature and warm water as long as you wish.

Something else that is a first for bidet toilet seats, is the easy to push button next to the nozzle that will drain the tank when you need to go on a very long vacation. No more removing the unit to drain the tank, just push the button, the water drains into the toilet and you are done, no mess and no removal.

It has all the bells and whistles that anyone could wish for and a lot more. I could go on forever about how much I really like the Bliss BB-2000, but I think you will be truly impressed with just about everything that this unit has to offer and more.

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