Yes I know, this is uncharted territory for those of you that have never used a bidet before, and it could make your face turn red, but in the end it is all worth your while and will leave you with a clean and fresh feeling. You need to have a good sense of humor in the bidet business.

The basics of using the nozzle system

Okay you have done your business and time to take that leap forward cleaning yourself using a bidet for the very first time.

First, everyone is different and it will take different amounts of time to get a full clean, meaning nothing left behind. So in the beginning you need to experiment with the amount of time it takes to get you fully clean, and you can do this by checking yourself with toilet paper as a learning tool.

Depending on the bidet you buy, some are better than others when it comes to cleaning and do a much better job without much effort on your part. Like the BB-2000 has the best nozzle system of all the ones I have tested.

Adjusting the nozzle

  • First you want to make sure the nozzle spray is hitting the intended target dead center or close to it anyway by adjusting the nozzle.
  • Use the highest water pressure setting that is comfortable and adjust when needed.
  • Use the highest water temperature that is comfortable.
  • Use the move button, that moves the nozzle back and forth and covers a larger area.
  • Use as much time as needed to get a full clean.

Another suggestion that works great is when the nozzle is cleaning you, relax and do a gentle push so you can get a deeper clean. Just to be clear I am talking about the sphincter and pushing muscles. Don't push or strain too hard because this is not a good bathroom habit and can contribute to hemorrhoids.

'I am having a hard time getting fully clean, now what do I do?' you may ask.

So let's say that you are doing a full 60 seconds rear cleaning and you are not finding yourself fully clean (there are a few people out there that may have this problem). What you will need to do is make sure you have the highest pressure setting, check nozzle position, highest temp setting, use the move button and in addition you will need to move your bum from side to side and around if necessary. This should correct the problem, but most people will not have to worry about this, and will experience a full clean in about 30 seconds. A few people will get a full clean in less time than that.

Feminine Cleaning

All bidet toilet seats have a rear and feminine cleaning nozzles and the feminine cleaning nozzle has multiple spray ports or wider spray that is softer and designed for a woman. All the adjustment are the same as the rear cleaning nozzle. When it's that time of the month, your bidet will help keep you clean and fresh.

Some bidet seat have feminine nozzles that don't come forward far enough for some women, so this is what I would suggest for you. After you press the feminine cleaning button, tilt your pelvic bones forward and this should make a big difference, also lean forward if necessary and this should help also.

If the air dryer is taking too long to get you dry.

Because of space limitations, air dryers can only work so fast and can take up to 3 minutes to get a full dry, but I have some tips that will help you. First you will notice that the air dryer is not dead center and usually off to the right of the cleaning nozzle, so that means you are getting an indirect airflow for the intended area to become dry.

Air Dryer Tip: So this is what I have found works much faster, turn you bum so it is roughly centered to the air dryer and lean forward and it will get you dryer much faster. Simple as that and hope that helps.

When I use the air drier after number 2, it smells, what's happening?

This is simple, after you are done with number 2, flush the toilet first and that will get rid of the remaining order and not spread it around when you use the air drier.

My seat and lid take too long to close can I push it down

Okay, I know they are not super fast but it's best if you don't force them closed, because if you do, it will put stress on the dampener and over time cause it to fail and it won't soft close anymore. So please be patient and let it close naturally.

Hope that helps and please let me know if you have any suggestions that would answer your questions and I will be happy to put it here. Just use the contact us form below.

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