Q: Does the Spray wand touch me?
A: No, not at all.  The only thing that touches you is the water.

Q: Can I control the water temperature and pressure?
A: Absolutely, you have complete control over temperature and pressure.

Q: Can I control the seat temperature?
A: Yes, you can also turn it off when it gets warm in the summer time.

Q: Can I control the temperature and air speed of the air dryer?
A: Some models only let you control the temperature and others let you control air speed and temperature. You also don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

Q: How clean will the Bidet Toilet Seat get me?
A: Very clean, water is a very natural way to clean yourself and there will not be any residue like toilet paper leaves.

Q: Will a Bidet Toilet Seat make that much of a difference?
A: Absolutely, yes.  I can tell you from my own experience and what others have told me that you will definitely feel the difference. For me, it was like night and day. I had suffered from itching for a long time and that went away after the first day of using it. It will also make you feel cleaner and fresher; you will never go back to toilet paper again. If you have any hang-ups about bidets, get over them; it will change your life.

Q: Will I need to use toilet paper?
A: That’s up to you. If you use the air dryer, you will not need to use toilet paper. If you don’t use the air dryer, you will only need a few sheets to dry yourself.

Q: Are there any health benefits to using a Bidet Toilet Seat?
A: You bet there are! After using toilet paper, you leave a residue behind (no pun intended) and that can irritate your sensitive skin down there. Lots of people experience immediate relief form itching, bleeding, hemorrhoids and post-operative care for surgery in that sensitive area.

Women will really appreciate the bidet with female issues, during periods and after childbirth.

When you have stomach problems or diarrhea, you will really love the fact you don’t need to use toilet paper after making many repeat trips to the bathroom.

Q: I have a disability or someone I care for has a disability, will a Bidet Toilet Seat help?
A: It most certainly will! For yourself it will help a lot if you are having trouble reaching, bending or just had surgery. If you have someone you care for, this will be a godsend and make their bathroom experience much easier and more pleasant to deal with.

Q: Is the Bidet Toilet Seat hard to install?
A: No. They’re very easy to install and most of the time it will take less than an hour. If you do find it difficult to install, you can always find a friend or a plumber to help you install it.

Q: Are bidets hard to clean?
A: Not any harder to clean than a regular toilet. If you ever need to remove them for cleaning, they snap off by pushing a button. The plastic is also germ resistant to keep the unit sanitary.

Q: Will I need to buy any extra parts to install it?
A: You will not need to buy any plumbing parts, they are included with the installation kit.

Q: Should I hire a plumber to install the Bidet?
A: I would say that most people will be able to install it themselves and don’t need a plumber.

Q: Does your Bidet Toilet Seat install on any toilet?
A: They will fit most standard Two-piece toilets and some One-piece toilets but Most Bidet Toilet Seats will not fit the Kohler San Raphael or Rialto, but the COCO Bidet, Clean Sense DIB-1500R and the Coway BA13 will.  I also know they will not install on toilets with rectangular-shaped seats and some others, but if they did, I think it would look a little odd. If you have any doubts, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Q: Will I need to have an electrical outlet close by?
A: You will need a GFI-protected outlet behind and close to the back of the toilet.

Q: Can I use an extension cord?
A: We do not recommend using an extension cord and suggest hiring an electrician to install an outlet for you. If you do install an outlet yourself, make sure you follow all local and city codes.

Q: Do I need to hire an electrician to install an outlet?
A: You don’t have to hire one if you are capable of doing it yourself. However I think most people would be better off getting an electrician.

Q: Is the Bidet Toilet Seat GFI-protected?
A: Yes, they are protected for extra safety, but by your city code you will still need to have a GFI outlet to plug it into.

Q: Will I become more environmentally friendly by using the Bidet Toilet Seat?
A: Of course you will, because you will substantially cut down on how much toilet paper you use. As a result, fewer trees will need to be cut down. That, my friend, is a good thing. 

If your questions were not answered here, please feel free to use the Contact Us Page and I will be happy to answer them for you. If you have immediate needs, please give us a call.

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