Lot’s of my customers want to know if they have to get a full fledged bidet toilet or if a bidet attachment will work with the existing toilet they have.

Honestly, there are very few differences between a Combination Bidet toilet and today’s kits with attachments…they effectively operate the same, with all the same gadgets you would expect to find available on a standard toilet bidet. The main difference is cost and ease of application.

The standard bidet, used widely in Europe and other overseas countries, needs it’s own place in the bathroom and it’s own plumbing whereas bidet attachments do not need this and are less expensive and use existing plumbing from your existing toilet. They come with hoses for immediate hookup in 30 minutes time…You won’t need a plumbing license for this option.

For those constructing their houses from the ground up or remodeling, it is easy to create room for one of the traditional types and separate it from the rest of the bathroom area, however if you are having to place it in an area that can’t simply become a different layout, such as you would find in an apartment or condo..there is another means to integrate a bidet into your home.

Bidet Attachments Give You The Performance of a Combination Bidet and Cost Far Less

Fortunately you can create a toilet/bidet combination easily and inexpensively by making a few small changes to your existing toilet. This can easily be accomplished by purchasing a bidet seat that installs easily and turns your existing toilet into a bidet.

The kit generally has another toilet seat you replace your old seat with. This seat often includes a heating element, which can then be regulated with an attached console panel that is installed within close reach of the user. Combined together with the seat there will be a hand operated sprayer that delivers the very same settings you would expect to find on a conventional bidet. Making it possible for the user to adjust temperature, water pressure, and allowing the user to time how long that they wish the stream to run. Once you are cleansed, the heater dries the cleaned area.

For those homeowners who have the room to adjust their space but still have an irregular bathroom shape or simply can’t install a traditional bidet, easy to install bidet seats are a perfect solution. Most are fitted with an individual spout located beneath the bowl lip, which can be run promptly after using the toilet to help further cleanse the area.

With Bidet attachments you get the kind of performance you would expect from a combination bidet, and you don’t have to tear out plumbing to install one. I’m biased, but I love bidet attachments, because they give you the full bidet experience without the cost of installing new plumbing and doing a complete remodel.