Clean Sense DIB-1500 Bidet Toilet Seat (White)

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Clean Sense DIB-1500 Bidet Toilet Seat
Part Number: DIB-1500
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The Clean Sense DIB-1500 Bidet has a control panel on the side of the unit. You will really enjoy the instant water heating system that will give you warm water as long as you need it. The Enema wash will come in handy when constipation becomes a problem and can also act as a more powerful Bidet wash. 

With the Clean Sense Bidet Seat you have the option of adding a water filter for sanitizing and maintaining the Bidet Seat for a longer life. The DIB-1500R Bidet will fit most toilets, please call if you have any questions about your toilet. It comes with a one-year warranty. Comes in Elongated or Round and only the color white.


  • Fits most one or two piece toilets
  • Control panel on side of unit
  • Child function
  • Single nozzles for front and back side cleaning
  • 5 levels of nozzle positioning for greater control
  • Massage function that moves the nozzle back and forth
  • Pulse wash that repeatedly cycles from weak to strong 
  • Water temperature and pressure adjustment
  • Self diagnosis function
  • Energy saving function that learns when you use it
  • Toilet seat has four temperature settings
  • Five levels of air drying temperature
  • Self-cleaning spray nozzles and manual clean function
  • Soft close hydraulic toilet seat and lid
  • Screen water filter
  • Instant Heating System for endless warm water
  • Automatic Active carbon air deodorization filter
  • Anti-bacterial plastic
  • Very easy to install
  • All Plumbing connection parts included
  • One-year limited warranty

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