If you've ever considered getting a bidet or bidet toilet seat for your home, there is no better time than now. Bidets have grown in popularity in recent years, and many people are finding that they are a great alternative to using toilet paper for cleanliness and comfort in their bathroom routines.

Because of their superior cleaning capability and features such as warm air dryers, a growing category of users are pregnant and postpartum women. They can soothe and comfort and even help to promote more rapid healing in postpartum women.

Bidets used require extensive plumbing changes in a house to install. This was often a barrier to a woman who wanted a bidet, but didn't want to have her house torn apart during pregnancy. But with the advent of bidet toilet seats bidets are not only affordable, but they are extremely easy to use with nearly all existing plumbing.

Bidet toilet seats com in all kinds of price points, from basic low-priced models to more expensive models with all the bells and whistles. A bidet toilet seat is often recommended by OB/GYNs because they can help with some of the most problems during pregnancy.

Bidets help with hemorrhoids

Most women experience hemorrhoids sometime during pregnancy or after the birth of their child. This happens for many reasons: the weight of the child pressing on the bowel, more difficult bowel movements as pregnancy progresses, and the strain that occurs during childbirth.

Hemorrhoids can range from a slight nuisance to major pain - depending on how severe they are. Bidets can help tremendously with this. Every bidet model from the most basic to the most advanced will gently clean the affected area and ensure there is no stool to promote bacteria growth. In addition, when you use a bidet or bidet toilet seat, there is no need for toilet paper, which often makes hemorrhoids worse.

Other benefits during pregnancy

As a pregnancy progresses it is not unusual for a woman to become less flexible and mobile. Unfortunately, in the last few months of pregnancy, this can mean that bathroom activities become more difficult. With a bidet you don't have to worry about twisting behind you or bending forward to get yourself clean. A bidet has a gentle flow of water that ensures your cleanliness all the way through your pregnancy.

There are two other common issues that pregnant women face that can easily be handled by a bidet.

The first is the extra vaginal discharge that occurs during pregnancy and the second is bladder leakage that can result from a baby pushing on the bladder.

Both of these are easily and conveniently addressed with a bidets gentle feminine wash mode. This mode will help you to get any discharge or urine off of your body without having to take an entire bath or shower. Leaving you feel clean and refreshed.

Postpartum uses

As helpful as a bidet toilet seat can be during pregnancy, it help even more during the postpartum period after pregnancy.

After childbirth many women experience soreness and may have stitches in the perinatal area. In the past doctors would recommend a warm sitz bath to soothe, comfort and reduce swelling in this area. The problem is that with a tiny infant to take care of a sitz bath can be a difficult thing to fit in.

But a bidet is easy to use and gives the benefits as a sitz bath. Many units feature adjustable water pressure and temperature and can help relieve the swelling and provide relief from itching and swelling. The gentle cleaning action of a bidet will also help keep the stitches clean and infection free.

We have had many pregnant and postpartum women purchase bidet toilet seat models and they are thrilled with the convenience, comfort, and cleanliness they experience.

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