The Top Five Reasons to own a Bidet Seat

I love bidet seats and could probably list 50 good reasons to buy one, but I’m going to restrain myself and go for just the five top reasons.

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Advanced Bidet Toilet Technology Makes Sense for Your Home

The newest in bidet toilet technology elevates the practical, utilitarian European toilet alternative to a luxury you won’t want to do without. These are a few of the features you can expect when you buy and install a bidet toilet or bidet toilet seat.

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What Are The Uses of Bidets?

I’ve heard of people using a bidet as a foot bath, to store beer for their parties (this one was kind of crazy) or to let their pets drink from them. But I don’t recommend these uses.

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Combination Bidets vs. Bidet Attachments

Lot’s of my customers want to know if they have to get a full fledged bidet toilet or if a bidet attachment will work with the existing toilet they have.

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The Benefits of a Modern Japanese Toilet with Bidet

Traditionally, the Japanese have favored squat toilets, more like a basin set into the floor than a traditional Western toilets. In recent years, however, the Japanese toilet has come to mean a toilet with bidet attached. The low profile Japanese toilet style provides the benefits of modern style with the technology of modern electronic bidet seats. These are some of the benefits that make the toilet with bidet such a popular choice in modern homes.

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