This is a question I get fairly often. As you know I’m a big fan of bathroom bidets, so my answer is going to be “Of course, bidets are better.” But there is a little more nuance than that. It’s really a matter of OK, Better, Best. Here’s the deal:

Toilet Paper:

This is what most people in the United States use in the bathroom. Toilet paper works just fine, but it kind of spreads the bacteria from tool around on your skin and doesn’t leave you feeling as clean as a bidet would. The other issue with toilet paper is that it is very wasteful and gets expensive to buy. You end up flushing a lot of paper into the environment.

Moist Wipe:

A moist wipe will get you cleaner than toilet paper, so it can be a good alternative. But moist wipes are loaded with chemicals and often irritate sensitive skin. In addition moist wipes are made of thicker fibers than toilet paper and are packed in plastic containers, which means more stuff (including chemicals) going into the environment.

What I usually recommend is that people get a bidet for their home and then use moist wipes when they are out (or alternatively a travel bidet).

Bathroom Bidet:

A bathroom bidet uses a gentle stream of water to clean you after you use the toilet. This is the most effective type of bathroom cleaning. Many bidets have warm water and blowdryers. Some even have enema functions to help if you are constipated. Bidets also don’t use any paper, so you are not putting waste into the environment when you use one.

My personal preference is a bidet over moist wipes or toilet paper. Sometimes I have to “make due” but it’s not my preference. Bidets are far superior at really getting you clean.

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