The newest in bidet toilet technology elevates the practical, utilitarian European toilet alternative to a luxury you won’t want to do without. These are a few of the features you can expect when you buy and install a bidet toilet or bidet toilet seat.

Remote Controlled Comfort

Move over, TV. Now your toilet can have a remote control. Many bidet toilet seat options come with a remote control that lets you set the water temperature and water pressure, change the temperature of the toilet seat – did we mention heated toilet seats? Yes, heated toilet seats – and start and stop the flow of water when you feel clean.

Air Dry Your Bottom

One of the first questions people have about using a bidet toilet is “but don’t you end up with a wet bottom?” Well, yes, that’s kind of the point. A spray of water cleans much better than dry toilet paper, after all. You can always pat dry with toilet paper afterwards, but better bidet toilets have another option – an air dryer, similar to the ones you find in public bathrooms. Just press a button and a stream of warm air will dry your bottom and leave you feeling fresh and clean. And of course, you can control the temperature so that it’s always comfortable.

Tankless Water Heater

High-end bidets feature a tankless water heater so that the water used to clean you – and the spray wand – is always warm. You don’t have to hold your breath and grit your teeth through the initial blast of chilly water that cleans the wand.

Sitz Bath

You won’t find them on every bidet toilet seat, but some of the luxury models feature a Sitz bath for therapeutic purposes. If you suffer from hemorrhoids or are post-surgery, you’ll thoroughly appreciate the soothing comfort of a hot/cold cycle wash that both cleans and provides medical benefit.

Fit Any Toilet

There are bidet toilet options that fit nearly any toilet. You can choose from styles for one-piece or two-piece toilets, and those that fit round toilets and elongated toilets. If your space – and budget – is limited, you can even purchase bidet toilet accessories that will fit your existing toilet and seat, and spend less than $100 to step up to the ultimate in toilet cleaning and comfort.