Why You Should Get a Bidet Toilet Seat

The west still hasn’t gotten accustomed to using bidet toilets or water to clean. Bidets have been quite popular household items in Japan. Most Muslim cultures regularly use Muslim showers, which are just small showers attached by a pipe to a water source. Its function is similar to bidets in that it is an essential item for cleaning when relieving yourself in the toilet. This non-familiarity with bidets creates confusion, and people ask valid but sometimes strange and silly questions like:

-What are they supposed to do?

-Aren’t bidets weird to use for cleaning?

-Do men also use bidets? Aren't they only for women?

-Do they actually clean?

Let us enlighten you on some benefits of bidets and why you should get a bidet toilet seat.

Efficiency – No matter what people say, they are one of the most efficient cleansing waste in the toilets. It washes your defecation cleanly instead of getting smeared.

No Irritation – Bidets use plain water, which is the softest material you can use to clean than even the softest tissues money can buy. They are especially great for people with hemorrhoids issues or uneven bowel movements.

Perfect Stationary Cleaning – You don’t need to clean with your tissue in uneven positions. With just a button or automation, you can sit and relax while the bidet cleans you.

Soothing and Comforting – The gentlest spray of water relaxes you during cleaning. Most bidets come with the option of warm water suitable for colder climates.

Are Bidets Increasing in Popularity?

Toilet paper shortages in 2020 were probably when Americans started noticing bidets. They have been available in the US for quite some time now but weren't getting any traction. Now they started using it, which made the popularity grow. It has been installed in other countries for centuries while getting more popular in Japan, France, South Korea and Italy.

Are Bidets Sanitary?

Would you clean your whole body with just tissue paper? We all have been regularly showering to keep ourselves clean. So why not use a bidet for washing the act that can spread the fecal bacteria? The bidets' water is clean water you use for most household chores. As mentioned above, some upscale bidets also filter water to reduce irritation for people having issues.

How Expensive are Bidet Seats? 

 The price of bidets varies depending upon their quality and features. Normally the price of a bidet ranges between $200-1,000. Think of it like this; a simple cleaner will cost around $200-300, adding the option to warm the seat, cost increases. Adding other functions like a filter, warm water, remote control, etc., will add to the base cost. Similarly, the higher the quality of the seat, the more expensive it will become.  

 You might hear someone mentioning papers are way cheaper. But get this, even though you might spend a substantial cost for installation, bidets can save you more in the long run. It will also be more sanitary, cleaner, less irritating, perfect for colder weather and less smelling.

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