It is quite surprising that the US has still not fully grasped the idea of cleaning their behind while using the toilet with water. 77% of Japanese use them, and Muslims worldwide prioritize cleaning with water first and then thinking of using toilet paper. Even in the EU, it is becoming increasingly popular. So why not the Americans jump on the bidet trend? 

 The main doubt might be the acceptability of toilet paper as a tool to clean as seldom do we go out of our comfort zones. It might not seem sanitary enough for some, while others think more environmentally. Today in this article, we will discuss the health benefits of using a bidet as one of the primary reasons people use it. Keeps You Clean No one wants an unfortunate incident where your hand gets dirty in the toilet if not careful. This is highly unlikely in a toilet having a bidet. 

You'll feel like you just stepped out of the shower after every time using the bidet. Posterior Hygiene It will also keep your behind clean with lesser chances of fecal bacteria remaining uncleaned after using a toilet. Most bacteria and excrement will wash away with the water from the bidet spray. It has been observed that after regularly using the toilet, the number of bacteria in the urine drops significantly. Furthermore, GI and urinary tract infections are quite common by using tissues as our genitals dry out, as in the case of hemorrhoids. Using water helps the bacteria flow out easily, even helping you treat constipation. Helpful for Hemorrhoids 

 The chances of hemorrhoids increase with age, becoming common in American households. People with this issue phase great problems when cleaning with toilet paper which causes immense irritation. Sometimes smaller ones burst a little and start bleeding. People tend to start using softer, more expensive papers. The issue doesn't resolve though it mitigates somewhat. The irritation caused by this causes people to start considering using a bidet. With only water being used and warm water at that, people with Hemorrhoids feel immense pleasure to use a bidet. 

The pleasure comes from no pain while cleaning themselves and feeling soothed afterward. Water has that effect. Best for Sensitive Skins We all know when cleaning is taken to the next level, our anal area gets irritated by the excessive use of toilet paper. The dryness left by using the papers can cause itchiness and dryness, leading to small skin tears or soreness. It can even dry out the anus’s mucus membrane that causes this dryness and soreness. If it is not taken care of, it can lead to hemorrhoids and eventually bleeding. 

 In medical terms, this dryness and other issues caused by excessive toilet paper use are called Pruritus Ani. You can completely avoid it by using water from the bidet to clean your behind. Warm water does not irritate your anus, helping to heal your hemorrhoids.

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