I know you'll benefit or enjoy having a Bidet in your bathroom. So let's start with the obvious stuff first:

1. Once you try it, you won’t go back to toilet paper.
2. It will get you really clean and keep you feeling fresh.
3. Hands free if you use the air dryer.
4. Very easy to install.
5. Would you only use a dry paper towel to clean your hands?
6. Very simple to use.
7. Help or eliminate hemorrhoids (save big time on creams, Doctor visits or Surgery cost).
8. Relieve or stop vaginal and anal itching.
9. Stop or reduce urinary and yeast infections.
10. Great for that time of the month.
11. Go green and cut your toilet paper use by at least 70% or more.
12. Reducing toilet paper use will be a big help for your septic tank. (This can save you thousands)
13. No more clogged toilets. (Save on Plumber cost!)
14. Add value to your bathroom.
15. No sore butt from rough toilet paper.
16. No more cold toilet seats.
17. You won’t need to get off the toilet to clean yourself like the old style Bidets.
18. Help with constipation.
19. Great for Feminine Hygiene.
20. Helpful before and after intercourse.
21. Freshen up before using the spa, swimming pool or bath, for a cleaner experience.
22. Very good for Pregnancy and Postpartum Hygiene.
23. Elderly and Physically Challenged will feel healthy and independent again.
24. A really big break for caregivers.
25. Diarrhea and Dysentery, after several trips to the bathroom, toilet paper feels like sand paper. The Bidet Seat will end that.
26. Great before and after exercise.
27. After a really hot day, freshening up with a Bidet will feel great.
28. No more skid marks on your underwear.
29. When you thought you passed gas but you really didn’t.
30. You can take it with you if you move.
31. Your friends will want to visit you more!
32. Save on the cost and hassle of mini showers.
33. Soft close Lid and Seat (NO MORE LOUD SLAMMING SOUND or worrying about your kids hands or fingers getting broken)

If you would like to find out more about why I started selling Bidet Toilet Seat, please read my story here: My Bidet Story

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