NOVA 1000 Bidet

NOVA 1000 Bidet

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The entry level Nova 1000 Bidet Toilet Seat comes with a side control panel and tankless heating system, but does not come with an air dryer. Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the Nova 1000 features three wash modes: front, rear, and a enema function to help keep you clean and regular. Other features include a heated seat, nozzle oscillation, pulse spray function, and reduced water pressure in the child's mode.

As an entry level bidet, the Nova 1000 is great people on a budget or as an affordable guest bathroom bidet. The Nova 1000 is designed for one thing - keeping you and your family clean! Even without the extra "bells and whistles" (i.e. air dryer, deodorizer, or self-raising seat), the Nova 1000 provides unlimited amount of warm water through its tankless heating system.

This model will fit 2pc toilets as well as some 1pc toilets, and only comes in the color white .


* Unlimited warm water w/ hybrid heating technology

* Rear wash

* Front wash

* Turbo enema wash

* Child's mode

* Nozzle oscillation

* Pulse spray

* Heated seat

* Adjustable spray pressure

* Adjustable nozzle position

* Optional occupied seat sensor

Product Dimensions

* Height: 5.7 inches

* Seat width: 16 inches

* Seat length (round): 19.4 inches

* Seat length (elongated): 20.8 inches

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