Will a bidet change your life?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 6/14/2015

For a lot of people, that is a resounding yes and for the rest of us, it will still make a big difference in our life and the environment. I will tell you a story about a customer that had this life changing experience as a result of using a bidet in her home.

Are you spending $200 a year on Toilet Paper?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 6/2/2015

If you are a family of 4, then on average you could be spending $200 or more a year on toilet paper alone, which is about 183 rolls a year, more or less. So why would you want to do this? Most likely, you are like most people and are unaware of how much you use or how you would even begin to reduce the amount you use.

So what are the benefits of Toilet Paper reduction?

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