My Bidet Story

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 5/13/2016

First I want to thank you for taking your valuable time for stopping by my Bidet Toilet Seat Store. Welcome to the store and I hope we can help you find what you’re looking for.

This is my story. In 2007 my wife and I were thinking about getting a bidet and at first we were reluctant because of the cost and we just weren’t sure if it was worth it. We had heard from some friends that once you get one you’ll never go back to toilet paper again. When I heard that I was thinking, “Yeah, right.”

We also heard other friends say, “Why would you want one of those things?” (If they only knew how great they are.) I think there’s a stigma that some people have, mostly because they fail to understand the benefits of using a Bidet Toilet Seat.

33 Reasons For A Bidet

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 3/8/2016

I know you'll benefit or enjoy having a Bidet in your bathroom. So let's start with the obvious stuff first:

1. Once you try it, you won’t go back to toilet paper.
2. It will get you really clean and keep you feeling fresh.
3. Hands free if you use the air dryer.
4. Very easy to install.
5. Would you only use a dry paper towel to clean your hands?
6. Very simple to use.

Why I love Bidets sooo much and you will too!

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 10/13/2015

Before I ever used or had my own bidet, having one in my home seemed like something far from my mind. I didn't really understand them or see that they were that useful, until I used one myself for the first time. After that I was hooked and the same thing that happened to me is the same thing that I hear my first time customers say all the time and that is, “I cant believe I have lived this long without having a bidet toilet seat in my home”. The reason that people have a such a strong reaction, is because for some, it will be a life changing event and others will realize how much better, cleaner and personal comfort they will feel. For more reasons why they are so great, read this article that I wrote 33 Reasons for a Bidet.

Will a bidet change your life?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 6/14/2015

For a lot of people, that is a resounding yes and for the rest of us, it will still make a big difference in our life and the environment. I will tell you a story about a customer that had this life changing experience as a result of using a bidet in her home.

Are you spending $200 a year on Toilet Paper?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 6/2/2015

If you are a family of 4, then on average you could be spending $200 or more a year on toilet paper alone, which is about 183 rolls a year, more or less. So why would you want to do this? Most likely, you are like most people and are unaware of how much you use or how you would even begin to reduce the amount you use.

So what are the benefits of Toilet Paper reduction?

Can Pregnant and Postpartum Women Benefit From a Bidet Toilet Seat?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 4/16/2015

If you've ever considered getting a bidet or bidet toilet seat for your home, there is no better time than now. Bidets have grown in popularity in recent years, and many people are finding that they are a great alternative to using toilet paper for cleanliness and comfort in their bathroom routines.

Because of their superior cleaning capability and features such as warm air dryers, a growing category of users are pregnant and postpartum women. They can soothe and comfort and even help to promote more rapid healing in postpartum women.

New York Banning Flushable Baby Wipes?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 4/2/2015

Right now, there is a huge campaign by Corporate America to get people to use baby wipes or "flushable wipes" instead of toilet paper. But do baby wipes actually get you cleaner? And what is the cost of adding another disposable product, packaged in plastic, to our environment? If disposable wipes aren't the answer, is there any good alternative?

It turns out that the cost of moist wipes may be higher than was first thought. So high, in fact, that New York is looking at banning these flushable wipes because they are causing problems with the septic systems and costing hardworking taxpayers serious money.

New to Bidets? This is what you need to know!

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 2/8/2015

If you are new to bidets and bidet toilet seats you probably have a lot of questions, which is wonderful! Here’s a brief guide to get you started, and if you have more questions please contact us here at the Bidet Toilet Seat Store..

How to get 18g of fiber in your breakfast and enjoy it!

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 7/23/2014

I am not a doctor or a dietitian and not qualified to give medical advice but just wanted to share with you what works for me.

So I decided it would be a great idea to share with you how I get more fiber in my diet with breakfast. I found a very creative way to get 18g of fiber in my breakfast and not only that, it taste great and keep me satisfied until lunch and beyond.

Are hemorrhoids part of your future?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 2/23/2014

Just the sound of the word hemorrhoids makes me shudder. They cause searing pain that gets so bad sometimes the person who has hemorrhoids can barely sit (or worse yet, they have to sit on one of those donut-cushion things).

I sincerely hope that you never get them, but the odds may not be with you. Most Americans suffer with itching, burning, nasty hemorrhoids at some point in their lives, at least 75% of us. But the good news is there are steps you can take right now to prevent hemorrhoids. I'll go into those in a moment.

Let's Talk About Your Bum, Really?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 9/23/2013

You may be aware that Cottonelle is now marketing baby wipes for adults. This has become quite controversial in the media and for environmentalist and mostly because Cities are saying wet wipes are clogging the sewer systems and costing them lots of your tax paying dollars. Here is a link to three articles about this issue for you to read ABCnews, News8000 and Seattletimes.

Introducing the new Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 8/20/2013

We just introduced the brand new Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 and the BB-1700. Already we have had a tremendous response about how everyone just loves this new bidet seat and the sales are much higher than I anticipated.

Where can you Find Effective Bidets for Low Prices?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 6/28/2013

I’m the kind of guy who likes a good deal. I always try to get the best possible quality at the best possible price. And when it comes to the bidets that I sell at I make sure that the same philosophy I use when I shop is carried over to the products I carry.

Is a Bidet Toilet an Alternative to Toilet Paper?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 6/6/2013

There are lots of reasons to look for an alternative to toilet paper. I personally hate the stuff myself, and it’s a big reason that I use bidets pretty much as often as possible (do you know you can even get a portable bidet?).

Are Moist Wipes More Sanitary than a Bathroom Bidet?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 5/29/2013

This is a question I get fairly often. As you know I’m a big fan of bathroom bidets, so my answer is going to be “Of course, bidets are better.” But there is a little more nuance than that. It’s really a matter of OK, Better, Best. Here’s the deal:

What are the Best Toilet Seat Bidets?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 5/16/2013

I was in the grocery store recently and I was looking to buy a bottle of ketchup. As I looked at my choices I was stunned at how many their were to choose from. When did they start making “spicy” ketchup anyway? I was confused.

Is a Bio Bidet an Alternative to Using Toilet Paper?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 5/10/2013

The other day I got a call from a customer and she said, “I was traveling in Europe recently and I got so spoiled by the bidets there. I really don’t like toilet paper anymore. Is a bidet seat really a good alternative?”

Where Does The Water Come From for a Toilet Bidet Seat?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 5/1/2013

If you are installing a traditional bidet in a home that has plumbing for a regular toilet, it can mean tearing up all your plumbing and starting over. But if you’re installing a toilet bidet seat the process is much, much easier.

How to Take Care of Bidet Toilet Seats

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 4/23/2013

One of the questions I get most often after people buy a bidet seat from our store is “how do I take care of it?”. In order to prolong the life of your seat you will want to avoid using harsh chemicals on it. Here are a few tips that will help you get your bidet clean so that it lasts a long time.

Is a Toilet Seat Bidet Better than a Standalone Bidet?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 4/17/2013

If you are installing a bidet in an existing bathroom that has a toilet already installed, then a toilet seat bidet has many advantages over a standalone bidet. And if you are putting in a new bathroom or building a new house an toilet seat bidet will still save you a significant amount of money over a standalone unit.

How Does a Bidet Seat Work on a Regular Toilet?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 4/11/2013

Installing a bidet seat on your toilet is simple and you will find that it is just about as easy as changing out a regular toilet seat. The big difference is that you have to turn off the water, drain the toilet, and attach the hoses for the bidet. For most people installing a bidet on a regular toilet takes less than a half an hour. And when you order from you get a number where you can reach customer service if you have a question during install.

What is a Japanese Toilet?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 2/21/2013

Many of the bidets and toilets in Japanese homes and businesses have the stylings and looks of American toilets but with way more advanced features.

Who is a Bidet Toilet Seat For?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 2/12/2013

As I’ve sold bidet toilet seats I’ve found that they are a great alternative to a traditional bidet. They work very well for those who have confined spaces that cannot simply make room for a whole bidet in it’s own space,. They are great for those living in apartments, condos, or homeowners who need to utilize their current toilet and plumbing. Bidet seats also cost far less then a traditional bidet while giving the same benefits.

What separates different bidets?

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 2/7/2013

I have found while researching and selling bidet seats that there are many choices out there and it can be hard to determine just what style of bidets or bidet seats are right for you.

The Top Five Reasons to own a Bidet Seat

Posted by Bidet Toilet Seat Store on 1/28/2013

I love bidet seats and could probably list 50 good reasons to buy one, but I’m going to restrain myself and go for just the five top reasons.

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